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Step 2

 Enter and confirm your email address 

Step 3



You have the option to either select a minimum or maximum salary range. The minimum and maximum range can not have the same value.

Select classification(s) from the option list
You can not select both a salary range and classifications

Step 4

Multiple classifications can be selected from the list of options
To further refine the search, you can:
  • Enter keyword(s)
  • Select agency(s)
  • Select vacancy status
  • Select full time / part time
  • Select vacancy tenure
  • Include vacancies for SA Government employees only
The more criteria selected, the more refined the email alert selection will become and the fewer jobs alerts will be sent to your email address.
Once you have selected your job criteria select the submit button

You are only able to subscribe to one email alert per email address
Subscribe from Advanced Search Page
You can also subscribe for email alerts from the Advanced search page.
Enter the required job criteria and select 'Subscribe Me' button
A new page is opened

Previous selections in the Advanced Search page are captured and displayed on the new page
Enter and confirm your email address and select submit



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